About This Ugly Beautiful City


This blog is for everyone who wonders what to do while they are in Los Angeles.  For all of the people who are answered with “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” when people come to visit. For the people overwhelmed by all the things that there are to do here, that they end up doing nothing or the same thing over and over again. I am writing this for the many of us who want to do things on the cheap and who want to know more about this city.

I want to help sort through all of the information and put it into something easy to read.

After eight years I have done a lot of this legwork for you, made itineraries for my family and friends, planned themed vacations, and have tried to experience Los Angeles as a tourist would. I have taken buses, trains, and hitched rides with willing adventurers.

But hasn’t this been done before?


People write about Los Angeles all the time. I hope to give a different perspective as a resident, someone who isn’t paid to promote, as someone who doesn’t have a car at my disposal like the many of you who visit from far-away lands with better public transportation. I want to make sure that you know that some of the things people write about aren’t for locals only. I am hoping to cut through all of the noise and not overwhelm. This blog will give ideas for museum lovers, ideas for where to go on dates, places that wouldn’t freak out your parents, and how to entertain yourself on a dime, and more.

This is my resolution project for this year. I focus my resolutions on projects instead of promises that I can’t keep, like exercising more or becoming more financially healthy. Hopefully this goes past 2015, because there are more than 365 things to say about Los Angeles.

Welcome New Year’s resolution 2015. Welcome to This Ugly Beautiful City.

One response to “About This Ugly Beautiful City

  1. i’m trying to figure out how to add this to my bloglovin’ feed so i can follow. looking forward to reading.


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