The Format

[Neighborhood:] 101– Intro to places or well known activities in a specific neighborhood.

Bonus features – Ideas of what you can do next in the featured neighborhood.

L.A. on the cheap – I’ll try to find at least one thing to do that isn’t a strain on your wallet, but gives you bang for your buck.

Places in books – For 2014 my resolution instead of doing something that was too hard for me to keep, I decided to read a book a month about L.A. Although I didn’t finish all twelve, I did discover some things I would like to share via this blog. (The list will be featured in a post)

Talking to the natives – Where I interview someone who actually lives here, which may be their itinerary for what to do in L.A. or a way to dispel myths about what living in Los Angeles is like.

If I were you this weekend – These posts will interrupt the already scheduled flow if I see something that might be interesting happening soon.

Getting from point A to B – All of the posts will provide public transportation information because that is how I know this city, as a pedestrian. I will also try to include google maps that will give you step by step directions to walk, drive, or bus to a location.

ItinerariesThese are itineraries around certain themes lasting one to four days. I hope to include pdfs as well.

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