Food in L.A.


Los Angeles has really become a fantastic place to eat, where you can have an adventurous palate, and try things you never knew existed.  That being said, I won’t be dedicating too much time to Los Angeles restaurants on this blog, although I spend a lot of time eating in them. The truth is great restaurants close all the time in L.A. with little to no warning. I want the itineraries I post to be a little more lasting and not involve spending too much time adding –CLOSED to my posts.

I suggest the following avenues for finding restaurants in L.A. They just write it, photograph it, and describe it so much better than I could.

  • Kevin eats

  • Eater 

  • Kristie Hang, who writes for LAist and has a mouth-watering Instagram account @kristiehang

  • Consuming LA @consumingla and the Consuming L.A. website

  • Esquire’s show “Best Bars in America” (When it features L.A. bars)

  • Endo Edibles when he is in Los Angeles eating …or rather eating in any city.

I do want to mention that I don’t work for any of these places, and the majority I do not know personally. I wouldn’t mind grabbing a bite to eat with them if they happened to ask.

[food from from left to right: black sesame flan @ n/naka in Palms, Traditional Sashimi @ n/naka, dim sum @ NBC Seafood in the San Gabriel Valley, French Macaron @ Bottega Louie in Downtown, Los Angeles, and a peanut butter chocolate chip milkshake at Fred 62 in Los Feliz. + I did that on piccollage which I guess they want you to know]

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