About me

Selfie in the tide pools of Point Dume

Selfie in the tide pools of Point Dume

This blog is my love letter to Los Angeles.

If I were more entrepreneurial, I would figure out how to share my love for this city for a living. I would be a tour guide or try to get hired as a concierge at a hotel. Sadly, I am just a shy person with a lot of knowledge. Lucky for you all of this fabulous information is free!

Everything I have written thus far about Los Angeles, was as an outsider – as someone who was navigating through the weirdness of this city and the culture shock I felt when I first got here from Minneapolis almost a decade ago. That blog was called Kitty Cattaraugus and although there might be some recycling from that blog, I found that I am no longer adjusting. I am now for better or worse an Angeleno.

I think the best way to tell you about me, is by answering the questions I am going to pose to the “natives” in the Talking to the Natives sections. For the questions that I am posing and my answers please see the about me tab.

This blog also has another life on instagram @thisuglybeautifulcity and Facebook where I share photos and write mini-posts about places and things to do that I don’t have the space to talk about at length on the blog.

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