A lot of people when they think about Los Angeles they think Hollywood. “Hollywood” takes up a lot up space in our collective mindset. When you say that word everyone knows what it is. It is part of most peoples’ national news, our news shows are anchored with gossip shows, and fashion magazines are filled with a-list stars. The tabloid industry makes millions on celebrity culture. “Hollywood” is everywhere, but actually a very small part of this city. Although I am here to show you that Los Angeles and Hollywood are not synonymous, and not indicative of what it is actually like to live here, I felt I had to start here.  In the next posts I will focus on the the blocks around La Brea and Vine, Santa Monica and Franklin.

Hollywood, California is a place that people dream about visiting.  I take people here first, but I try to manage people’s expectations. That the Walk of Fame is just a sidewalk and you won’t see celebrities here, just people or sculpture dressed to look like them. That being said I think that this is part of the L.A. experience that should be experienced. If not for the post that is coming next but what I am going to tell you about in bonus features.

Up next: Hollywood 101 

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