Places in Books: Musso and Frank

The book that inspired me to read more about Los Angeles was Charles Bukowski’s book Hollywood about his experiences in turning his novels into a screenplay for a movie called Barfly. Many scenes from this book take place in Musso and Frank’s, not surprising because he was a steady regular and lived pretty close.  Bukowski was not the first nor the last person to call this place a second home, its roster of celebrities who were regulars is very impressive.  Although you may need to have pretty deep pockets to put in some hard time at the bar now. What I love about the dirty martinis here, is that they give you a side of dirty without you having to ask so you can dirty it up as much or as little as you want.

There are a lot of chain restaurants in Hollywood and although you may want to try a bbq chicken pizza in the land where it was created, I urge you to visit institutions like Musso’s. A lot of the place has remained the same since its opening in 1919, especially some of the old school items on the menu like liver and onions and welsh rarebit. (Which I had to look up, but sounds really good.) Go, sit at a table once occupied by Chaplin or Garbo, and be part of something truly Hollywood.

Great for: History and literary buffs, lovers of vodka martini’s, and people who might want to run into a celebrity.


Getting there: Musso and Frank’s is accessible by the following public transit options: The Metro Red Line and busses 780, 180, 212, 210, and the Hollywood DASH]



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