If I were you this week: DineLA


Two Martini’s taken at Nic’s Beverly Hills by Evelyn Sen.

If I were you this week…

I would make a reservation for DineLA Restaurant Week.

First of all I love DineLA. For 14 days you have the opportunity to try some really great restaurants spanning the entire county of Los Angeles that are sometimes out of everyday Angelenos financial reach. Hundreds of restaurants offer prix fixe menus at $30, $40, and $50 dinners and $15, $25, and $35 lunches.

I have had the opportunity to try some really great restaurants that I never would have thought of trying because I was afraid they were too expensive or had daunting menus. There are chefs that I have followed or will be following to other restaurants due to the menus I have tried during DineLA.

The “week” is a bit of a misnomer, a relic from the past from when it may have been just one week and not the two weeks it is now. Keep in mind that some restaurants will not do this deal on weekends, while other start the party early.

You do however have to play DineLA smart, don’t make the first time nubie mistake I made here. Sometimes certain plates are an additional charge and of course wine pairings and alcohol are not included.

Psst…Ryan Gosling is part owner of Tagine, if you are into that sort of thing.

I would love your suggestions on where people should go for DineLA. Please use the comment section for your recommendations.

DineLA will also be back in Summer, mark your calendars.



4 responses to “If I were you this week: DineLA

  1. My favorites have been: Bouchon is expensive for French bistro style food, but worth a visit if you have not been. Connie and Ted’s for really well done simple seafood in a less formal spot. Patina is a good discount over their normal price. Or Faith & Flower downtown.


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