Hollywood Bonus Features:Part II

IMG_1121(This is a continuation from the Bonus Features post on January 8th. To refresh your memory click here.)

Hollywood Farmer’s Market

California is the land of amazing produce. A lot of what you see in supermarkets across the country originally came from here. California is also the land of fantastic Farmer’s Markets. I have tried many fruits and vegetables since moving to Los Angeles that I never knew existed or maybe just had in their artificial or martini form. (Lychee, passion fruit, bitter melon, dragon fruit, romanesco, Chinese broccoli.) Although many of these things can be tried at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, I mention it because of its really great people watching. You can learn a lot about Los Angeles at this farmer’s market in particular. What the current fashion trends are, what fruits/vegetables are in season, what people are eating/juicing now, see how diverse Los Angeles is, listening to people talk about parts they are trying out for, etc. I remember this farmer’s market being less about produce and more about handmade wares.  I also remember its food court/truck area being pretty substantial if you are looking for a quick lunch option in the area or you can even learn how to cook your own lunch with a cooking demo.

Open on: SUNDAYS

Accessible by a quick walk from Hollywood and Vine red line station and from lines 780, 180, 212 or directly from the 2, 302, or Hollywood DASH.

IMG_1122Lake Hollywood:

Is it possible to find nature in chaos? The answer is yes. Situated in the Hollywood Hills the Hollywood Reservoir/Lake Hollywood is a quiet oasis in the middle of the city, next to one of L.A’s busiest freeways. Although it is technically part of Griffith Park it falls a bit closer to Hollywood than neighboring Los Feliz.

Its man made lake has a path, that is not super strenous, and offers one of the closest views of the famed Hollywood sign perched on Mount Lee. The loop is almost four miles in total. Lake Hollywood Park a bit away, also has great views without the walk.

Sometimes this area is closed due to mudslides as a result of rain. There is no charge for entry to this area and street parking is free.

Getting here: Cab or car, I recommend taking the route off the 101 to Barham to Lake Hollywood. The Beachwood Canyon route is very confusing.

Magic Castle

If you happen to know a magician in Los Angeles you are in luck. If you don’t, forget I even mentioned it.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a tour of the Capitol Records building, there is so much history there, I would love to see it. Comment on this blog if you know otherwise.

Here is a map of all of the Hollywood bonus features I mentioned over the two posts:


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