Where to see celebrities in the Wild II


Bradley Cooper at the 2014 Oscars waving to fans.

(Continued from yesterday’s post)

On the Red Carpet

Here is the first of many times I will talk about the time I won tickets to the 86th Academy awards in March of 2014. How did I win? I entered, and so can you. Wait until after this the awards air this year on February 22nd, go to www.oscars.org and look for a banner asking if you want to be an Oscar’s fan or a museum fan.  Click that banner and fill in the information and you are entered. It is absolutely free and will take maybe 5 minutes of your time. And following those directions is exactly how I ended up taking my grandmother as my date who had always dreamed of going to the Oscars. I got her pretty darn close.

The red carpet is the best places to see celebrities in the wild. Go to my instagram account @thisuglybeautifulcity to see who I saw.

2014-02-28 13.27.22

Palm frond wallpaper on staircase down to Beverly Hills Hotel Fountain Coffee Room.

Pollo Lounge on Oscar weekend

Part of my Oscar/Hollywood itinerary for when my grandmother was here for the Academy Awards included lunching where the people lunch. The Pollo Lounge inside the pink Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Blvd is one of the classic old Hollywood places that is still a hot spot for celebrities. Prepare to be looked up and down, we thought people were “people” others thought we were “people.”

You are paying for location and ambience at the Polo Lounge. The food for lunch isn’t exactly stellar for the cost and the cheapest glass of wine is $25. I recommend going to their weekday breakfast, which is much cheaper, plus you can their souvenir jams home.

 We saw: Fran Lebowitz, Catherine O’Hara, Spike Lee, and Sophia Coppola.

[Bus 302 or 2]


Getty Center in Brentwood, Los Angeles

Getty Center:

I feel like this is a safe haven in the sky for celebrities. Although I have seen quite a few at the Getty, I have never seen a TMZ van, photogs hiding in trees, or anyone under attack while they have been looking at Van Gogh’s Irises. (I will write more about the Getty in a future post which features some of Los Angeles’ museums in a month or so.)

I have seen: Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Demi Moore, and Rumor Willis.

[Take bus 734]

I have seen quite a few celebrities in my time in Los Angeles, but I have never gone up to someone and talked to them. My one regret is not telling LaVar Burton how much Reading Rainbow meant to me as a child while he was putting on his shoes at LAX’s Virgin American terminal. One of the TSA agents said to him “Hey dude, you taught me how to read!” How true for so many of us.

Do you have a celebrity story or a suggested place to catch them out in the wild? (Please comment below)



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