Getting around Los Angeles by bus

Transportation in Los Angeles at one time was really great and connected the far reaches of the city, there was once a train that brought people down Highway 1. If you have read John Fante’s Ask the Dust or Raymond Chandler’s Phillip Marlowe series, you read about this pedestrian paradise that was once Los Angeles. Although L.A. is trying its hardest to reconnect the city, it isn’t coming fast enough for people like me. It also, with the exception of a few stops sprinkled around the city that actually has a map to where the bus is going, it isn’t very self-explanatory. Also, the paper schedules on the bus are never for the bus you are on or any bus that directly connects to the bus you are on.

I will always include transportation information in my posts, but I can only post so fast. Here it has already been almost a month and if you are a visitor here and want to get to Santa Monica Pier you might not know how to start.

I suggest this great app, that has saved my hide a few times, called Moovit. It includes all bus lines in Los Angeles. Metro bus & train, Big Blue Bus, Culver City Bus, etc. It also has information about Chicago, Tokyo, New York, London, and more cities I don’t want to take the time to mention.

P.S. I don’t work for Moovit

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