Itinerary: Art Deco and Costumes


Pershing Square Park, DTLA


[We actually couldn’t do this part of the itinerary due to the unexpected torrential rain storm last year. This is what we would have done the Saturday of Oscar weekend.]

The Art Deco part: Art Deco Walking Tour of Downtown Los Angeles

I cannot say enough good things about the L.A. Conservancy. Los Angeles is a place really keen on erasing its past. If you come to L.A. expecting to find the Brown Derby, Sardi’s, and the Cocoanut Grove you will find that all of these famous places are gone. One of the best and saddest shows to me is KCET’s Things That Aren’t Here Anymore. This series went on to do two more shows of places paved over in the name of “progress.” You can also find these on YouTube. L.A. Conservancy is one of the organizations who stopped and are still stopping these important and iconic places from disappearing from Los Angeles’ landscape.

L.A. Conservancy also gives walking tours about historic L.A. every week. I have gone on the Biltmore Hotel tour and was really excited to go on the Art Deco tour. The architecture in DTLA is  pretty amazing. Don’t forget to look up to see amazing stucco work on the buildings around Pershing Square and the hidden astrological signs, astrology was big in the 20s, all around the city.

The Art Deco tour happens every Saturday at 10:am. Most tours meet at Pershing Square. It costs $10 and advance registration is required. (Info in the L.A. Conservancy link)

Clifton’s Cafeteria is fighting its way back onto the downtown scene. It was supposed to be open by now, several times over. I hope to write about it and its history before the year is up.

[Getting there: Most east/west Metro busses hit downtown L.A. I would take either the Purple line from Koreatown or the Red line from North Hollywood to the Pershing Square Station.]

The Costume Part: Annual Oscar costume exhibit at FIDM:

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in DTLA’s Fashion District also has a museum which has over 10,000 pieces in its collection. If you are a fashion and history lover (almost said nerd) like myself you might be interested in following their blog. Annually they hold an exhibit featuring the Oscar nominees for best costume design. I am happy to see that costumes from the Great Gatsby will be featured again this year.

Admission is free and open to the public. The exhibit opens February 10th and closes April 25th.

[Getting there: Buses 10, 14/37, 28, 66, 71. It is a six block walk from Pershing Square station and a five block walk from 7th Street & Metro Station.]

Coco Chanel and Vivianne Westwood at the Pattern Bar:

Keeping with the fashion theme, we would have wandered the sixish blocks to the Pattern Bar to order drinks named after fashion designers. I would have ordered the cachapas as well, because Venezuelan food is hard to come by in Los Angeles.

This would have been the last day of programmed events for my Oscar Itinerary last year. I did not mention lunch at the Polo Lounge  again which we did on day two of three because I wrote about it in a where to see celebrities in the wild.

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