Dayhawks: Or Something L.A. that Happened


“Forever Marilyn” by Seward Johnson. 3 Story tall statue of Marilyn Monroe in Palm Springs, CA [deinstalled]

I have spent more time in Hollywood in the past two months than I have in years. I have to say that being in Hollywood during holiday time takes a certain amount of fortitude. I try to write in the neighborhood that I am focusing on.  It helps to refresh my memory of that place, especially if I haven’t been there in longer than I can remember. One of the days I was writing I set up shop with my notebook and pencil at the 24 hour diner, 25 degrees, in the Roosevelt Hotel. This was mainly because it was Sunday and Musso and Frank was closed.

While I was writing the posts about where to see celebrities in the wild, in walks Marilyn Monroe. Not that Marilyn, but the woman who plays her for tips in front of Grauman’s Chinese theater. It was her and me on either end of the bar in our red vinyl seats, staring off into outer space sipping our drinks like we were in an updated and very L.A. version of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. Then the door swings open bright and wide, and in walks Ron Jeremy. The real Ron Jeremy, not the one who plays him in front of Grauman’s. If you do not know who Ron Jeremy is, don’t google him while you are at work. He is a cult figure in the adult entertainment industry. He goes straight for Marilyn. It is obvious that they know one another. They mumble something to each other and then leave. Then I am alone left to write this all down just so I can tell all of you.

When I told this story to someone they swore what I was telling them a crazy dream I had the night before. Someone went so far as to call that scenario their worst nightmare. It was 100% Los Angeles real. This kind of random stuff happens here all the time.


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