Farewell for now Hollywood


Guinness World’s Records Museum, Hollywood Blvd.

You may ask yourself why!? Why are we leaving Hollywood when there are so many museums there? Why, when we just stumbled upon a very cute little independent/art house movie theater last month called the Arena that has a really great calendar? What about Hotel Cafe, the dive bars, and Yamashiro?

There is still so much of Hollywood to learn about and experience. The truth is that I never intended to dedicate so much time to this place, but like most neighborhoods in L.A. they reveal themselves like layers of an onion. The real reason is that there is so much more of Los Angeles to see and maybe you, like me just want me to get on with it.

So for now we move away from the area of noise and world attention.*I will find other ways to work you in Hollywood, but it is so long for now. It’s not you its me.

* paraphrased from Pawel Pawlikowski’s speech at the 2015 Oscars

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