Giant Green Sea Anomone, Leo Carrillo State Beach

Continued from Monday’s post

I wasn’t in the place I was in 5 years ago this anniversary, but noticed a big shift in my thinking about Los Angeles. It was this past year that I started to refer to it as home. Minnesota became the place my family lives.

Sometimes finding your place in Los Angeles is a long and arduous journey. Finding your “people” can take a lot of patience and a really good social sherpa.

In my session with the psychic five years ago she kept pointing back to that I feel most grounded in nature. I would say that was a truth I didn’t realize until then and one of the reasons why I had picked Los Angeles is the first place.

In that five years I have really sought out experiences where I can be in nature and push my reset button every once in a while. Remember when I gave you a suggestion for what I’d do if I were you this weekend? The next post is about tidepooling in a place I hadn’t been since the time I wasn’t quite living in L.A. yet with people I have known the longest. I didn’t even take the man who made me live closer to the ocean.

* a nod to Los Angeles’ love affair with portmanteaux

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