Where the happy people live


View of Los Feliz from, Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park

When I first moved here, I said Spanish words with their correct pronunciation. That is how you can tell someone isn’t from here, how they say the names of places like the street LACMA is on. Wilshire, for example, does not sound like where the Hobbits live, but like you are saying “Will sure.”

When I said Los Feliz the first few times to locals I realized it made me stick out like a sore thumb. They had no idea what I was saying at first then after realizing they would say, “oh you mean, Los feeeliss” Now I don’t bat an eye, and say it like Angelenos say it. Los Feliz, the happy ones, is now just a non-sensicle, the I don’t knows. I don’t say Sepulveda like I should any more for similar reasons. Somehow La Cienega, the swamp, and La Brea, the tar, remains its pronunciation, but San Pedro doesn’t. (San Peedro)

Los Feliz is just a short train ride from Hollywood, but feels so very different.  Instead of a sea of tourists, there are just the few who come because they realize that this is a better vantage point to photograph the Hollywood sign or to go to the Griffith Observatory. Los Feliz is an area boxed in by major streets. It is where Sunset and Hollywood criss-cross on Vermont and Hillhurst, the twin main streets of Los Feliz.

I turn now to Los Feliz because it isn’t just for locals there are a lot of shopping, sipping, and hiking to do.

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