Word to your Moms: Farmers Markets and Trading Posts


The Grove and the Original Farmers Market:

Sometimes your favorite places are the ones you come to know first.

There was a time when I lived close to the Beverly Center and the Grove. When my mom first came to visit me we would book a room at the Farmer’s Daughter and used the Grove and the Original Farmers Market as our home base. Mornings were met with crepes at the French Crepe Company (Banana Nutella) and we carried new finds home from the Grove across the street to the hotel at night.

Although we don’t make it back to the Grove as much anymore, those blocks between Beverly and Third Street still contain some of my mom’s favorite places in Los Angeles.

Melrose Trading Post:

Slowly as I came to know the area better and as we still booked rooms at the Farmer’s Daughter, before she became too expensive and we started using VRBO, I learned about the Melrose Trading Post. The MTP is a flea market that sets up shop at Fairfax High School, on Fairfax and Melrose, every Sunday from 9:am to 5:PM.

I come from a family of pickers. My mother owned a consignment shop, her mother worked at a consignment/vintage shop, and my aunt has owned antique stores. They all have a knack for finding the greatest things in what looks like a pile of junk. At the MTP you can find interesting items like 19th century botanical prints and plants that subsist on air.

We mainly go for the people watching.

Admission is $2 and parking is free.

Mar Vista Farmers Market:

My mother has a love hate relationship with the Mar Vista Farmers Market.

When my family visited last from the cold gray north I thought it would be nice to show my parents what a farmers market was like in California. What I thought was a gesture in expanding vegetable vocabulary, actually turned out to be an act of cruelty. Cruelty because once you have had vegetables at their source, they do not taste as bright or fresh anywhere else in the country. (I now hear those words on the phone every time we talk.)

I am at Mar Vista Farmers Market every weekend. I have my favorite vendors and I wanted to have my parents experience a little snapshot of what my life is like here. This is what we brought home and made throughout the day.

Post farmers market snack:

Smoked swordfish from Wild Local Seafood with brie and baguette


Grilled artichoke with garlic butter


Hanger Steak from A Cut Above (not a farmers market vendor, but worth the trip)

Raw fennel salad with cara cara oranges (both of which they had never tried before)

Baby broccoli with Chimmichurri


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