Griffith Park: Intro to the Mother of All Everything Spaces


View of the Griffith Park Observatory from one of the many hiking trails in the area.

Once upon a time D.W. Griffith…, that’s not right….

Once upon a time Colonel Griffith J. Griffith built the largest municipal park in California.

Scratch that…that’s not right either…

Once upon a time Colonel Griffith J. Griffith built the second largest municipal park in California.

I fact checked that and it is also incorrect. Unfortunately, Griffith never got the chance to build Griffith Park. He “accidentally” shot his wife, was ostracized and briefly imprisoned, and not even his own money could help his way out of the scandal.

How then did it get to be Griffith Park?

The more I think I know about Griffith Park, the less I really know. I myself have barely scratched the surface of its over 4,000 acres of parkland, miles of hiking trails, its museums, world-renowned concert venue, and the other numerous attractions. Griffith Park is truly the mother of all everything spaces.

There is simply an amazing about to do at Griffith Park and really so much I haven’t done.Then why should you take advice on things to do, from someone who knows so little? The truth is that this mother of all everything spaces is somewhat impossible to know, even for Angelenos.

That is why I am hoping to get advice and recommendations, in written form, from you, the readers of this blog. If you had advice to give about Griffith Park what would it be? Have you eaten pie at The Trails Cafe? Have you hiked up to the Hollywood Sign? Have you ridden a train at the Travel Town Museum? Bronson Cafes? What is kid friendly? Where is Fido welcome? I am looking for a sentence to a paragraph that I can post in a review type style to help people get the most out of Griffith Park.

You can choose to be anonymous or get a writing credit (I would never take credit for your writing)Don’t worry about it being grammatically perfect we can work on it together. Email me at

I will start posting your advice on Wednesday, May 27th.

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