Griffith Park: Ideas for the kiddos


Wild grasses of Griffith Park

For my post about kid-friendly Griffith park, I knew right away who to ask. Vanessa and I have been friends since before we both lived in Los Angeles. We worked together at an after school program in Minneapolis working with Middle School and High School students. Since moving back home to L.A. she has stuck with her passion of working with kids and training parents to be advocates for their children.

Here is what she has to say about Griffith Park:

Griffith Park is a budget friendly wonderland for anyone that has kiddos in their lives.  You will probably need a car to visit more than one of these spots in a given day but the great thing is that parking is free.  You are also usually spared the common L.A. traffic within the park; at least on the side where the child friendly attractions are.

Shane’s Inspiration Playground:

This extra-large playground is the Western United State’s first inclusive and accessible area for children of all abilities to play and it is right here in Los Angeles. It’s nestled within the hills so you won’t see it from the road.  If you find the Merry-go-round, you’re close. There is both a sand area and a soft rubber top play area for children that cannot maneuver in or not fans of sand. It’s also pretty handy if your toddler is learning how to walk. If your little one has a tricycle, bring it along as there is a tiny road for children to ride on.  There is also plenty to do to keep the older school-aged kids interested. If all else fails, bring a ball and let them go wild in the vast grass space. Picnic areas with tables and BBQ’s are limited so come super early if you want to snag one.  There are lots of benches and grassy areas around for parents, aunties, grandmas, etc. to supervise their child at a comfortable distance.  4800 CRYSTAL SPRINGS ROAD, LOS ANGELES, CA 90027

Travel Town Train Museum:

If you have a child that is a train enthusiast, this is your place!  Like other areas of Griffith Park, parking and admission are free.  There are plenty of photo opps here, so bring along your camera and train conductor hat. Come ready to climb, as there are plenty of out of commission train cars for children and adults to venture into. This is an important bit of information if you have a child under 5 years old.  There are a few train engines to explore but you will have to climb up a ladder together and supervise your ultra-excited child since the platform is pretty high up.  If you are ok with spending a little bit of cash, there is a mini train ride available for $2.75 a person.  Big people will like it too.  Lastly, there are train cars to rent out for parties for a pretty penny.  It’s an ideal party location for the cooler months as it can get hot in the train cars in the summer.  5200 Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Note from This Ugly Beautiful City: I won’t be devoting too many posts to the under 18 set, mainly because I am not experienced in that topic, but will definitely tag posts that can also be kid friendly. If you are coming to Los Angeles and looking for things to do besides the usual I strongly suggest you follow the blog Parent Pick

Thank you Vanessa!

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