If I were you this week: Somewhere there’s music

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fossilized remains of an aquatic sea mammal that swam in the Western Interior Seaway during the Jurassic Period

June is my birth month and also my favorite month in Los Angeles. It isn’t the June gloom that makes me nostalgic for the rainy days of home.  I love June because the city explodes with endless possibilities of things to do musically. Whether it is sipping martinis amongst columns of travertine or shaking your nyash to afrobeat with views of skyscrapers, there is so much to do and most of it costs little to nothing.

First, I will talk about something that ends this Friday. Your thing to do this week is buy tickets to….

First Fridays at the Natural History Museum (NHM)

June 5th marks the last First Friday of its season. Due to the NHM space not being bound by weather, it starts its concert series in the chilly month of February. It happens, you guessed it, every first Friday of the month and lasts until June.  The cost of admission gets you after hours access to the exhibits, the discovery of new bands and seeing headliners you have heard of, free lectures that range from sex to why pluto stopped being considered a planet, and more to keep you occupied with a cocktail in your hand*. Spaceland Presents who does the bookings for Off the 405, The Regent, Twilight Series at the Santa Monica Pier, and the Echo & Echoplex also does the musical act booking for the NHM. (I will talk about all these in the next post)

Get there early to see lectures and to line up to get into seeing the band. Cost $18.

*Note on drinks: Exhibits are no longer drink friendly. Too many adults getting too drunk and spilling, this is why we cannot have nice things.

[Getting there: I suggest the Expo line. There are 3 stops at USC, two that are very close to the NHM]

Website: Natural History Museum

When: The First Friday of the month February- June, 5:PM-10:PM

Cost: $18, but the June one is $20

Ages: Website says everyone is welcome

I will talk at greater length about the Natural History Museum at a later time in this blog.

Up next…. more free music to see.

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