The Greek Theater: A pleasant alternative to the often maddening Hollywood Bowl

Greek Theater 2007

Greek Theater (Los Angeles) 2007. Image sourced from wikimedia commons. Attributed to user Godfinger.

 by C. Lopez

I love the Hollywood Bowl and a concert there is a mainstay on my summer calendar, but every now and then I want a less harried way to enjoy music under a summer sky. So, when a friend offered a ticket to hear Huey Lewis and News at the Greek I couldn’t resist. I do love me some Huey. Tickets in hand, we first enjoyed happy hour at Figaro Bistro (a Los Feliz must and personal favorite) and decided, perhaps a bit fuzzily after a French martini or two, to trek up Vermont Ave to the Greek. (1.3 miles) We went about the steady incline at a snail’s pace but it wasn’t a difficult hike; perhaps a 15 minute walk at most. The Greek’s small venue and natural setting makes for an intimate listening and viewing experience – both of the stage and surrounding scenery. There really isn’t a bad seat in the house. Re-visiting the 80s that evening was indeed a treat.

The only caveat to the Greek (along with that dreaded stacked parking) is that they don’t allow outside food or drink, so those carefully selected picnic items and bottle of wine are to be enjoyed pre-concert in the picnic area just outside the theater. I have done so on another occasion and found the grounds well-groomed and the tables kept clean and inviting. There are BBQs dotted about if you can secure one – just get there a little early. Lots of trees and dappled light provide a truly enjoyable picnic even if you’re not going to a concert.

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