Changing someone’s mind when it is already made up


Where I am from, iced over lake Northern, MN

As Angelenos, there are some people who are harder to convince to come out and visit you than others. You know who they are. The ones who hate Los Angeles before they even see Los Angeles. They tell you that they already know what it is like and have absolutely no interest in coming out. To people who only see this place on television, Los Angeles is the land of preconceived notions. Prides of augmented fake feline women, palpable smog, and traffic so horrendous that people spend most of their time living in cars. There is some truth to those preconceived notions, but the Los Angeles I know, the one I have spent almost six months telling you about is so much more than that.

For me, the person I couldn’t get to come out was my Dad. It took six years before he visited. He was one of those people who hated L.A. before he knew it. For him it was all of those things you see on television plus the overwhelming amount of people.  There are over 10 million people in Los Angeles at a given time.

We are from a very small town in Northern Minnesota, a town of 3,000 people. The neighboring town’s population is almost 11,000. These are both measly fractions of the amount of people who live in Los Angeles.  Where I grew up, and where my parents live, is as far away from the hustle and bustle as you can get. We live on three acres of woods. You can only see my neighbor’s house two out of the four seasons when all the leaves are gone. It is a place that is so quiet the only noise you can hear are loons and mosquitos in the summer at packs of wolves yipping as they cross the iced over lake in winter. My Dad prefers this, this quiet, the solitude, the 10 minute ride to town.

When you think about what to do when people come to visit you in Los Angeles, it is important that you know your audience. What is too much? What are their likes? Chance are you will also find that thing here in Los Angeles as well. When is the right time to go to avoid crowds and traffic? What gives people a window into what is the real Los Angeles is and breaks all of those stereotypes that prevent people from coming out here in first place?

The next posts are my attempts at addressing all those things for my Dad. Maybe you have someone similar who would like to avoid the crowds and tourist spots, maybe you want them to see Los Angeles for what it really is, not what is the Los Angeles of the media.

Happy Father’s Day!


2 responses to “Changing someone’s mind when it is already made up

  1. what a great idea to share some of the cool things about our city with your Dad! As someone who was born and raised here I love visiting small quiet places like your hometown it’s a good escape every now and then but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere other than here. =)


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