Food Culture Ambassadorship

Dim sum at NBC Seafood, Monterey Park CA

The best thing you can do for your visitors as an Angeleno is become a food culture ambassador. You can get some of the best Mexican, Oaxacan, Thai, and Korean food in the world here in L.A. You may go a bit outside of people’s comfort zomes with spices that numb or purple tuberous vegetables that are eaten as dessert. There are areas of this city and establishments that make you feel like you aren’t in L.A. at all. Places like Figaro and Little Next Door make you feel like you are sitting in bistros in France and Quebec. Koreatown with its bright neon signage written in hanja makes you feel like you have been transported to 1980s Seoul. Ethiopian food wrapped in spongy sour injera eaten by hand in the Fairfax district and southern Thai noodle dishes in Thai Town so spicy they make you sweat in places you didn’t know could sweat.

These places are all within miles of each other. From Little Ethiopia you walk north two blocks to get Irish Pub food. Little Oaxaca with its moles and tamales wrapped in banana leaves is a section of 8th street that runs through the center of Koreatown. Food breaks all barriers in this city.

Eating in Los Angeles is just as big of an experience as anything along Hollywood and Highland or the piers that jut out into the Pacific.

I try to be a food culture ambassador when people come to town. Periodically I will give you ideas. Since I am writing about changing people’s minds about Los Angeles, I will first talk about the time I took my parent’s out to KBBQ.


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