But How Do I Choose??: Part II


CicLAvia, Historic Wilshire Cooridor, Koreatown

As I am writing this waiting for my color to process, I am hearing about more events happening this weekend over the radio. The Long Beach Jazz Festival, the Avocado Ale Festival at Angel City Brewery in DTLA, more than I can possibly write about.

To continue from my previous post, there now seems like there is an endless amount of things to do this weekend.

Mysteries revealed!

Lisa Loeb’s song “Stay (I Miss You)” was the anthem of my high school years. Friends and I watched Reality Bites so many times in love with the Seattle music scene and a movie that spoke to us, the grungy weirdos on the verge of being adults. “Stay” became the runaway hit from that movie’s soundtrack and was played over and over on radio stations for years to the delight of car singers everywhere.

Then Lisa Loeb seemed to disappear. I remember briefly a reality show where she was looking for love, but that was almost 10 years ago. As that number one single still pops up on the radio I ask myself, what ever happened to Lisa Loeb?

It wasn’t until I was doing research for the Saturdays Off the 405 post that I learned that she is still performing and has a new career in children’s music.  She is playing today in the garden at the Getty Center in Brentwood at 4:PM.


You either love CicLAvia or you hate it. Hate it because one event or street closure can cripple an entire city, cutting off areas of Los Angeles to its citizens.  Isn’t that saying something bigger? How is it that this city is planned in such a way that this can happen? And happens over and over again?

As a pedestrian and carless explorer of Los Angeles, I love events like CicLAvia and am happy that they are happening more and more often. I am free to explore a part of Los Angeles without the fear of being run over by someone running a red light or texting. I can see the city at a slower pace, take it in, and not see the world through a windshield. I can see a business and think I want to stop there and go in, not frustrated by trying to find a place to park.

CicLAvia is a great way to explore and has the feeling of a six mile long block party that you can join or leave at any time.

This Sunday CicLAvia will take over the streets of Culver City and go all the way to Venice Beach. So wear a good pair of walking shoes, your bike, skateboard, and enjoy the community of pedestrians.

Information about the event and street closures here. Photos from this event and the CicLAvia Historic Wilshire Corridor will be on my Facebook and instagram accounts.


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