The land of opposites that exist at the same time


berries that stain, Koreatown, Los Angeles

So, how did this blog get this name?

It came to me because of the picture posted above. It was the morning after a serious windstorm and when I left my apartment for the day I came across this scene. I paused and thought how beautiful this section of sidewalk outside my apartment was. Berries strewn this way and that by the wind in seemingly random patterns like a Pollock painting. A lot of Angelenos hate these purply pink berries and think of them as a nuisance. Try as you may to not step on them one inevitably adheres to your shoes staining everything they touch. Then of course the solo cup, a memory of a party once had resting where the windstorm left it. I loved this pretty mess. This scene outside my Koreatown apartment reminded me the ways that nature in Los Angeles can be both beautiful and ugly at the same time.

Take for example the beautiful Jacaranda trees with their canopies of light purple flowers that line the streets shading our parked cars. As those flowers start to drop in the Spring, they float in the air like a scene in a romantic movie. You know that scene, where two people suddenly realize that the person they were looking for the entire time was always there in front of them and that big pent up kiss comes in the middle of the street and the music swells and it rains these beautiful purple flowers all around them. It all seems so magical until you go back to your car the next day and try to brush them off and you realize that the sap has shellacked them to your car. People stuck in traffic with outlines of the blooms and bits of flowers and gummy sap stuck to their hoods.

There are many ways in which Los Angeles can be both beautiful and ugly.

You can crawl through the nastiest traffic up the Pacific Coast Highway for over an hour although it is only 12 miles from home, take a left on Solstice Canyon, and in less than 15 minutes you are climbing the switchbacks up to find one of the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, find waterfalls, and most importantly find quiet.

I guess that this is just a long drawn out way to say that this place can be as ugly as it is beautiful. It is all in how you look at it.

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