I get by with a little help from my friends: The Beaches


Mr. Bubbles, Santa Monica Pier

In the next series of posts I will turn to the beaches. Places I promise myself I will visit more often each start of the “Summer” and now as the “Summer” months draw to an end, I can count the times I have gone to the beach on two fingers. (I use Summer in quotations because what feels like Summer doesn’t end here until well into November.)

In nine years I have racked up my fair share of beach time, but these times mainly correspond with low tides and searching for sea creatures. There are so many beaches in driving distance of L.A. and for as many as I have visited, there are so many that I haven’t. My goal in this blog’s next series of posts is to delve into the overwhelming options for things to do on the far west side.

That is why, dear readers and friends, I am hoping you could help me. It has been almost 9 months and I have yet to do a Talking to the Natives segment. This is where I interview someone who lives in L.A. and they let me know their favorite places. (In this case a beach focus.)

If any of what I am doing with the blog looks like fun and you want to give it a spin without the commitment of a whole blog, I invite you to share your thoughts in a guest post like the friends who helped me with the Griffith Park Posts “Griffith Park: Ideas for the Kiddos” and “The Greek Theater: A Pleasant Alternative to the Often Maddening Hollywood Bowl”  (Thank you so much Vanessa and C!)

I am looking for help with:

  • Venice Canals

  • Surf Beaches

  • Malibu

  • Redondo

  • Will Rogers State Beach

  • Bonfires at Dockweiler

  • Or any places that are on the far west side that you love

If you are interested, please contact me at eyemheer2 at gmail dot com.

One more post and it is off to the beach!


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