The Beaches: Endless Summer


Santa Monica Beach

This week I bet you I will hear the phrase “I can’t believe the Summer is over!” at least a dozen times. Living in Southern California after living in the Midwest for decades, that exclamation is strange to me. In L.A. there are no marked seasons, and Summer, or rather what I think of Summer lasts well into November. The sun still beats down on you, I can still wear a swimsuit, and I can sit on a beach and want to drink something refreshing, not something that warms me to the core.

In Los Angeles you have to throw your idea of Labor Day being the death of Summer out the window. September 10th feels a whole lot like July 18th. In fact after the first week of September, after schools have started again and extended vacations come to an end, is my favorite time to return to Los Angeles’ beaches. They are a lot less crowded, there are a lot less selfie sticks. This is why I am choosing now, what people think is the end of Summer, to begin writing about the far west side and beaches.

I won’t be able to write about every beach this go round. (This project is becoming something bigger than a 2015 project. I hope you are ok with that.) There are many beaches and cove that I have yet to explore. I will start first with the very touristy Santa Monica and work my way around and up the coast.

So, in summation Summer is not over. You can still enjoy Los Angeles’ beaches even though the calendar says your shouldn’t. Remember though that the Pacific is always cold no matter what time of year it is.


One response to “The Beaches: Endless Summer

  1. You are right on with this! I visited Santa Monica this past “spring” (felt like summer) and it is very touristy (which I like), but not everyone will and the Pacific is FREEZING but feels good on a hot “spring” Southern California day!


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