Leibster Award: Part I


I was very excited to get the news that I was nominated twice last week for a Liebster Award. When I started This Ugly Beautiful City as a new years resolution nine months ago, I crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t get lost amongst all the other blogs about Los Angeles. I am wholeheartedly amazed and happy to see that it hasn’t. Hearing from people around the world that they are reading it, sharing it, and are using the information to enjoy Los Angeles and traveling more is really all I ever wanted from this project. Getting nominated as a new blog that people should be reading is really just icing on a splendid little cake.

What is the Liebster Award you may ask?

It is an award given by bloggers to new or long existing blogs with a small following. The aim of the award is to help put those bloggers on the radar of readers who would not find them otherwise. The award also functions to get to know the people behind the blog.

I was nominated by a couple of fantastic bloggers that you should definitely check out, if you haven’t already.

Yours, Juliet– A blogger who writes about her life in Germany, gives helpful and accessible tips for traveling in Europe, and her adventures of studying abroad.

Journey Spark – A blogger who is an artist who thirsts for collaborative experiences in life and in work. Whether it is teaching you something or learning from you.

Rules consist of four rather important tasks:

[1] Answering questions posed by the people who nominated you

[2] Nominating blogs with 200 or less followers for the Leibster

[3] Making a list of questions for the people you nominate

[4] Write a post about it

The following are blogs that I am very excited to nominate. These are close friends who inspire me and/or blogs I read habitually and think should be discovered.

You are Enough

Western Wilds

Jane the Writer

Your mission bloggers that I nominated is now chose some fellow bloggers who have 200 or less followers and answer the 10 questions below. When you chose your blogs, write them a nice note, write a post about the award and think of some questions you think would help get to know the people behind the blog.

Here are my questions for you:

Why did you start blogging?

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Excluding the topic of your current blog, if you started another blog what would it be about?

What is one blog or website you recommend in your subject area that you think everyone should read?

What do you do to de-stress?

What is the one thing you make sure you do everyday?

What would be your theme song?

What has been your favorite travel destination so far?

If someone was traveling to your city and only had 24 hours to spend there, what is the place or places you would tell them to visit?

What is the one thing you always pack on a trip?

Since I have two bloggers questions to answer I am going to separate this into another post. Happy nominating!

UP NEXT…wasn’t I supposed to answer questions?

3 responses to “Leibster Award: Part I

  1. It’s an honor to be nominated by such a wonderful blogger. These are fantastic questions, and I look forward to answering them and to participating in my other Liebster Award responsibilities. Thank you much!


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