Liebster Award: Part II


On the way to the Salton Sea, taken by Western Wilds

This is a continuation of my Liebster Award announcement post from Friday, September 18th. These were questions posed by the people who nominated me Yours, Juliet and Journey Spark further known as YJ and JS respectively.

Just a note, that I discovered a lot about myself answering these questions and I didn’t expect this post to be as long as it ended up being. I am trying to spice it up with photos.

YJ and JS: Why did you start blogging?

This Ugly Beautiful City is not my first foray into blogging. It is actually my fourth or fifth foray. I have learned a lot along the way and with the shifting blogscape I still have a lot to learn. Blogs for me were a way to showcase my writing, my perspectives on life, funny little stories that I have experienced, like this one. I started This Ugly Beautiful City inparticular because I love Los Angeles and saw so many people who didn’t. I also felt that as a tourist here then as a resident I had a lot of experience and advice to make Los Angeles more accessible to travelers and reopen the city to its residents.

YJ and JS: Where do you see your blog and yourself in six months?

I would like for visitors to Los Angeles to consult my blog as much as they consult websites like Discover Los Angeles. I would like to see my audience grow. My number one goal has always been to have people read this blog from all over the world who want to make L.A. a travel destination. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I would like to be doing this as a full time paid gig.

I also have another blog idea that has been keeping me up at night.

JS: How did you come up with the name of your blog?


My inspiration of why I named this blog what I did

I explained the name of this blog in a blog post called the Land Where Opposites Exist at the Same Time. To read it click here.

JS: How do you get inspired when it comes to blogging?

I get inspired by walking around Los Angeles and hearing from people who are new to this city.

JS: Where do you write your blog posts?

Everywhere and anytime I can. Google Docs saves me every time I have an idea or phrase that pops into my head.

JS: What’s your favorite part about having a blog?

It is an outlet for all of my creative energy that I don’t get to get out of my system at my 9 to 5.

YJ: What is your favorite travel destination you’ve been to so far?


Robot Restaurant, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Japan hands down. As soon as I left, I wanted to figure out a way to go back. It is so delightfully strange and amazing. Tokyo is on the cusp of that future we read about in Sci-fi books, and still so preserving of its past. The attention to detail from food to fashion is something I really appreciate.

YJ: How many languages do you speak?

English and Spanish. Oddly and sadly I spoke more Spanish when I lived in  Minneapolis. I can read French, Italian, and Portuguese. I have just a tourist vocabulary in Japanese. I love language. 

YJ: What is your favorite book of all time?

Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. He is a master of writing from different perspectives and can really inhabit the body of a character.

YJ: What item does always come with you when you’re traveling?

My camera. I rarely shop for a souvenir in another country. Photos are always lasting.

YJ: What is your happiest memory?

When I was accepted to a highly competitive arts high school in Minneapolis for creative writing. I got the notification that I got the certified letter of their decision on a Saturday after the post office was closed. My mother begged the postmaster of our tiny town to open the post office for us so we could get the letter. When I opened it and found out that I got in, we both sat in the car and cried. Me out of happiness that I got in, my mother because I would be leaving home at sixteen.

YJ:What is the one thing you wish you could tell your teenage self?

Chin up, stop being so comfortable, and start being daring.

YJ: Who is your personal superhero?


Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

John Muir who petitioned the U.S. Government to start preserving areas of the Western U.S. as national parks. His work served as the catalyst to start the National Parks System. Without him, so much of this country would be lost and turned into loftopolises. If you have ever had the opportunity to go to Zion National Park or Yosemite, you have this man to thank. (Both of these parks are an easy driving distance from L.A.)

YJ: What was your worst travel experience?

I don’t think I have had a worst travel experience yet. (Knock on wood) I would definitely like a do-over for the South of France.

JS: What other hobbies do you have?

Crafting and reading. I like my hobbies to be quiet things.

JS: How would you describe yourself in three words?

Quiet. Curious. Wanderer

JS: Who would be your favourite blogger(s) at the moment?

The ones I mentioned in the last post really inspire me to love, explore, and ask myself hard questions. I wish @demonicaphoto on instagram had a blog to show how she gets inspired, sets up her shots, and gets all of her amazing costumes. When it comes to artistic inspiration I read/watch/listen to Nowness.

I read Socality Barbie to remind myself that I want to write a blog that is accessible to everyone. I really love this account.

My blogging buddies who I meet up with once a week to talk successes, challenges, and goals. Amanda’s Ninja Kitchen and Mindful Memory Keeping.

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