I just feel like dancing…in Santa Monica


I don’t have any dancing photos

One of the problems of blogging part time is that sometimes you don’t get the chance to blog about events in time to let readers know about them. Such is the case of this post where I was going to talk about Santa Monica Pier as dance space.

September 18th was the last Silent Disco on the Santa Monica Pier of the Summer and I really wanted to include it earlier as a Santa Monica Bonus Feature/Santa Monica On the Cheap. Alas pesky day job. Luckily for you this event still happens all year in different parts of L.A. To make amends for my busy schedule I will instead talk about where you can dance in Los Angeles. I really hope this makes up for it.

When I do go dancing, which is actually more rare than these posts will suggest, I look for the following very important things:

[1] Is there a cover? If so, is it reasonable? (i.e. can I still afford a drink to loosen up my dancing muscles?)

[2] On a scale of 1 to 10 how meat markety is it? Will a mystery man come up and grind on me when I am dancing with my friends? I tend to not want that to happen. I want to go to places that are a 4 or less on this scale.

The next posts will list places that meet both of my criteria.

Silent Disco/Hush Fest

Silent Disco pits two djs against each other in interesting match-ups like Daft Punk vs. Radiohead, East Coast vs. West Coast Hip-Hop, and Prince vs. Michael Jackson. One dj on one channel plays music of or inspired by one side of the battle and the other dj plays music opposite of their opponent all for your listening and dancing pleasure.

What is different about this event is that you only hear the djs through 2-channel wireless headphones that you get as part of your ticket price. The rest of the event is completely silent giving you the opportunity to unplug and be able to chat with your friends or be a spectator to people fully rocking out for what looks like no reason at all. (My personal favorite thing about Silent Disco.)

You can freely switch back and forth between the two djs. My favorite is when you are listening to one set and you hear a collective roar from the other half of the crowd beaconing you to change channels.

And everyone sings together mamase mamasa mumakusa! mamase mamasa mumakusa!

Where: Different Venues in Los Angeles including the historic Montalban Theater in Hollywood

Website: HUSHConcerts

When: All year round, but on the Santa Monica Pier during the summer months. Right now events seem to be focused in San Francisco, but that changes.

Cost: Ranges per event. Last time I went it was around $15

Ages: 21+

The Goods (by contributor Xiaoda Wang)

NOTE: ZANZIBAR IS CLOSED FOR REMODLING-which is never a good sign. Will update when I know what is happening

On every Friday night at the classy Zanzibar nightclub in Santa Monica, KCRW’s industrious Anthony Valadez spins some irresistible dance tunes ranging from high-energy hip-hop to soulful R&B. Thanks to the charismatic KG Superstar on the mic orchestrating in front of the beautiful crowd, you would feel almost guilty to leave the dance floor for a drink. To the dancing enthusiasts: it’s recommended to come early with your friends (free before 10pm) and dance until midnight before the floor eventually turns into a completely different crowd.

Where: Zanzibar, 1301 5th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Website: Zanzibar

When: Fridays 9:PM to 2:PM

Cost: Free before 10:PM and $10 after 10:PM

Ages: 21+

[Getting there: See the Santa Monica 101s for busses that provide access to these events. If you think you are going to drink I recommend Uber or Lyft]

NEXT UP… More places to dance and something for the Outer Space set.

2 responses to “I just feel like dancing…in Santa Monica

  1. I love this post! Especially the Silent Disco events sound intriguing to me. I definitely need to remember this for the next time I am in the area!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    x, Juliet


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