You make me feel like dancing… on the East Side

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Chandelier, Brite Spot, Echo Park

In continuing with my theme of places to dance in Los Angeles, I dip back into a neighborhood I have already featured in my blog and one I haven’t – Hollywood and Echo Park.

One thing I have noticed about Los Angeles is that the opportunities to dance are pretty endless. There are DJs everywhere. At soft openings of galleries, restaurants, clothing stores, and even farmers markets.

Now it is back up to Hollywood and a place that my former teen goth self would have loved.

Bar Sinister

Hollywood would not be Hollywood if there weren’t an element of drama and dress up. Los Angeles would not be Los Angeles if it didn’t provide something to do that appeals to everyone, every culture, every subset, every genre, and every body.

Bar Sinister is hiding in plain sight in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. It is a bar and danceteria catering to the Goth and Fetish crowd. Music and dress is dark, creative, and sometimes barely there. If you like goth, industrial, darkwave this is your place. Collars and finding a master/mistress for the night are optional.

Since it is Hollywood the drinks are expensive, but cover is pretty cheap considering where it is located.

Website: Bar Sinister

Where: Bar Sinister is part of Boardner’s and its B52 Club at 1652 N. Cherokee

When: Saturdays

Cost: $10.

Ages: 21+. This place is pretty strict with I.D.s, don’t leave yours at home.


During the rest of the week the Echo/Echoplex is an intimate concert space on Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park, but on Saturdays it is a completely different animal. The days that there are concerts acts range from undiscovered local bands doing a residency, bands that you are surprised are squeezing into such a small spaces, and the surprise act hiding under a different name that only the true fans know.

The Echo is the more intimate space and on Saturdays hosts…

Funky Sole (not spelled incorrectly)

DJs spin soul music from the 1960s and 70s from the popular songs you can sing along with to the rare finds. People here can really dance, but don’t let that scare you away. Learn something new.

The Echoplex is the larger of the two spaces and can be accessed on Glendale Blvd, not from Sunset.  On Saturdays they host…


Angelenos certainly love their mash ups. Entire dj sets and local radio shows are made up of the marrying of two perfect songs. Taking something old and making it new again or seen from a completely different perspective is part of L.A.’s DNA. The danceable virtual version of our mashup love is BootieLA. Sometimes you are even encouraged to wear a costume.

BootieLA is worldwide, but in Los Angeles on Saturdays.

Website: Funky Sole & BootieLA

Where: Echo & Echoplex

When: Saturdays

Ages: 21+

Cost: Free before 10:30 and $5 afterwards. Unfortunately that $5 doesn’t get you in to both venues and you will have to purchase a second ticket after 10:30 if you want to jump back and forth.

Next up….won’t you take me to DTLA

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