I feel like dancing…in DTLA


Facade of the Music Center, DTLA

Downtown Los Angeles has become a very interesting beast. When I first moved here almost 10 years ago, it wasn’t a place people really went, especially after dark. Things have really changed. Although I can’t wait to talk about DTLA, I can’t just yet. I hope these random teasing posts tide you over until I can really delve into the neighborhood and all its nooks and crannies.

For now, I will just stick to the dancing.

Club Underground by Contributor Xiaoda Wang

Hosted by DJs Lawrence and Diana every Friday night at Grand Star Jazz Club in Old Chinatown, Club Underground is a hidden gem and home to the passionate lovers of Britpop, indie disco, 80’s new wave, and basically every cool thing imported from across the pond. Similar in style to Club Leisure at Cat Club in San Francisco and Nuisance (now defunct) at The Monarch in Camden Town, Club Underground creates a fashionable atmosphere (light-up dance floor, Godard or Truffaut films playing on the TV, edgy posters on the walls, etc.) for a fashionable crowd. The fun usually starts after 11pm when enough people are on the dance floor.

Website: Club Underground 

Where: Grand Star Jazz Club, Old Chinatown, Los Angeles

When: 9pm-2am Fridays

Ages: 21+

Cost: Free before 9:45pm and $5 after with Facebook RSVP. $8 all night without RSVP

La Cita

At La Cita they dance everyday. It ranges from Reggae to Rockabilly, Norteño to Shoe Gaze. My favorite is Sunday afternoons where you can get a cheap build your own bloody mary on the patio and peek into the red lit main room where couples are holding each other close and dancing Cumbia. Everyone is dressed up in high heels or cowboy boots. This is where I prefer to be spectator because everyone can dance so well and sadly I just can’t cumbia, not for lack of trying.

Website: La Cita 

Where: 336 Hill Street

When: Everyday. See schedule of danceable events on their website above.

Ages: 21+. This place has a bouncer at the door. No i.d. = no entry so don’t forget them at home.

Cost: Free

Music Center-Dance Downtown

Mark your calendars ladies and gentleman and even ladies and gentleman with kids. For 13 weeks in Summer Music Center hosts a Friday night dance party around different types of dance from around the world. Bollywood, Samba, Argentine Tango, Salsa, the list goes on. Don’t worry if you can’t samba, this place offers lessons.

Website: Dance Downtown

Where: The Music Center at 135 North Grand Avenue

When: Summer

Ages: All ages

Cost: Free

Stay tuned…..an ancient way of honoring those we have lost.

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