Don’t Panic


Experimental unarmed missile launch off of Pacific coast, November 7, 2015

So, I was not part of the alien abduction that people surely thought happened yesterday in Los Angeles. I have been enjoying a bit of a hiatus from blogging. During this hiatus I have been participating in NaNoWriMo, or NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth. I have been using this time to write, write, write and I have a lot of ideas swimming around in my head. In the meantime I have been posting interesting Los Angeles information or events I haven’t had time to write about on my Facebook page instead. (Which you can find in the contact tab if you haven’t already.)

Coming up on the blog is swing dance, alter egos, Santa Monica Bonus features, whales, glass houses, and a lot more than I can even think of right now.

Speaking of strange lights in the sky, did anyone witness the missile launch on Saturday? That is what it ended up being not aliens, Russia, or part of the Taurid Meteor shower. What a PR faux pas on the Navy’s part, am I right? Scared millions of people from California to Arizona. I guess if it happens again, which I gather it will, don’t be alarmed. Don’t panic!

This is a public service announcement from This Ugly Beatutiful City.

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