2015 Year in Review



So that is it, 70 or so things to do in Los Angeles. The end.

Kidding. If it is okay with you I think that my 2015 New Year’s resolution project is going to continue into 2016. I can’t believe it has been a year since starting this blog. When I started, I had a carefully worked out plan of how I wanted This Ugly Beautiful City to be, go, and accomplish. By now I would have told you about all of the beaches, delved into Old Hollywood, and talked about some of Los Angeles’ museums. Then Ojai happened and I thought, what if people want another alternative when they are visiting L.A.? The “things to do this weekend” kept piling up and posts kept getting pushed further and further back. Or sometimes life or dreaded writer’s block happened.

It was a great year and I had a lot of fun sharing places in Los Angeles with you. Here is a list of five(ish) posts that I really enjoyed writing this year.

[1] There is no other place like it in the world- The Museum of Jurassic Technology.

Post: Museum of Jurassic Technology: Enter Through the Gift Shop

[2] When I tell people the name of this blog, people usually say “That is so true!” The post on how This Ugly Beautiful City got its name.

Post: Land of the Opposites That Exist at the Same Time

[3] Although I am coming up on my 11 year anniversary in Los Angeles this month, there is still a lot I do not know and haven’t had the chance to experience for myself. I loved getting help from my friends this past year. Thank you for these posts about Travel Town, The Greek Theater, and where to dance in Los Angeles. (The DTLA post was shared over 100 times.)

Vanessa, Christina, and Xiodaw, you are the best!

Posts: Griffith Park: Ideas for the Kiddos, The Greek Theater: A Pleasant Alternative to the Often Maddening Hollywood Bowl, I Just Feel Like Dancing…in Santa Monica, I Feel Like Dancing…in DTLA

[4] Speaking of dancing… I love sharing my favorite places that aren’t tourist go tos, but I think should be on people’s radar. I am hoping that this blog is turning you on to untraditional ways to experience Los Angeles. One of my favorite places is the Cicada Club which will celebrate its 10 year anniversary this upcoming weekend.

Post: Triple Step x 2, Rock Step x 1

[5] I really recommend practicing talking about yourself. It is such a hard skill to acquire. It feels weird, braggy, dorky. We are asked to talk about ourselves so many times during our lifetime, in job interviews and (gasp!) dates. My recommendation does not come from wanting all of you to answer “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” It comes from the fact that talking about yourself really helps you learn about yourself. Knowing yourself, among other things, helps you advocate for yourself which we should all learn how to do. I got the chance to answer some very hard and thoughtful questions when I was nominated for a Leibster Award this year. I learned a lot.

Post: Leibster Part II

Since I won’t be talking restaurants on my blog, like This Ugly Beautiful City on Facebook to see my favorite meals of 2015.


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