Venice Beach

IMG_0027I am afraid that even I don’t love everything about Los Angeles. Yes, it is true. A person who has dedicated her time talking about how great this place is. Luring you to come visit and explore the nooks and crannies of this city.  I have really been struggling about what to say about Venice Beach.

When people ask me what Venice Beach is like, I say to me it feels like someone loaded up all of the extras from the original Mad Max movie on a school bus, let them out at the once deserted beach and said:

“Go forth and establish a City!”

Although Venice has started to change and become another gentrified city that lines the PCH, it still has an underlying grittiness that both appeals and saddens. The truth is that there are a lot of people along the boardwalk that visibly aren’t doing well in an area that you have to be doing well in order to live. It is a city of disparity.

My other worry is that I want these blog posts to be lasting and quite frankly Venice is going through major growing pains right now. Just this week two Venice institutions that have been part of the city for decades have announced closures.

So, Venice Beach, I will have to touch base again with you later.

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