Finding the Ugly Beautiful in Your City


Marina Towers, Chicago taken from the Chicago River

Although This Ugly Beautiful City is focused on Los Angeles, I am hoping that this blog is inspiring you to find similar events in your city. A lot of cities have restaurant weeks not just Los Angeles. San Francisco just finished their version of DineLA and Minneapolis’ starts on February 21st. Most museums have concerts, music programming, and events for the 21+ crowd.  Mortified, which I wrote about a year ago, now tours the world.

Being so close to Los Angeles International Airport has allowed me to explore places that previously were inaccessible by time or expense. What I have outlined in this blog are the type of events and experiences I look for when I travel. What I have learned is that chances are that where you are offers something similar. Even the small town I am from in Northern Minnesota has their version of unique/one of a kind/renegade craft fair/felt club and a center for the arts that is visited by world renowned acts.

Here are some of the things I have learned from traveling or living in different parts of the world:

DineLA=Winter/Summerlicious in Toronto, Restaurant week in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Chicago

First Fridays at the NHM (which started on February 5th) = Ripley Aquarium’s Friday Jazz Night in Toronto. 

Saturdays off the 405 = Rock the Garden at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis

Funky Sole = Share your Tail at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto

Unique LA= Craft-o-rama in Minneapolis, Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle, OZONE market-Tokyo

Tiki Ti = Lost Lake– Chicago, Mal Necesaire-Montreal, Smuggler’s Cove-San Francisco

Feel free to help readers out all over the world by jamming up my comments with your suggestions.


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