Clip Show! What are you doing this summer?


Hollyhock House, scene of Barnsdall’s Summer Wine Tastings

I hate when a television show is one season in and they do a clip show. Carefully edited scenes from year one dug up to tell a new story or shed some light on a plot they want to elaborate on, or perhaps the writers have just run out of ideas already.

I also hate when a televisions show alienates their fan base by starting a show completely over, with the same plot after season two because of potential new fans.

Unfortunately this post might seem like both of those things and I apologize, but now that this blog is a year old some of the events I have talked about a year or year plus ago are coming back into their season.

Here are a few that I have highlighted in the past:

First Fridays at the NHM

The Natural History Museum has been full swing in their first Friday of the month music series since February. There are  two months left of this event and the May 6th tickets are already available for purchase. Here is the post I wrote about the event last year:

Hollywood Bowl

Tickets go on sale this Sunday for the Hollywood Bowl’s Summer season. The line up is super interesting this year with the combo of the venue’s regular events, fireworks and Steely Dan, and the genre jumping lease events, Dolly Parton & Black Sabbath (Unfortunately not on the same bill.) Here is the post I wrote about the ins and outs of  being an audience member at the Hollywood Bowl:

Saturdays off the 405

Saturdays Off the 405 opens its season on May 21st with jennylee from one of my favorite bands,Warpaint. The May exhibits at the Getty are pretty amazing. Mapplethorpe will be continuing as well as the opening of the Cave Temples of Dunhuang. Here is my insiders guide to Sot405:

Barnsdall Wine Tastings

Although not on the calendar yet to buy tickets, the Barnsdall Wine Tasting season should be starting up toward the end of May. Stay tuned, but until then here is a blog post with more information:

Grand Performances

Grand Performances just announced their line up yesterday. Along with music they have added a literary and storytelling element that I am excited to see this Summer. For more information check their website or last year’s blog post:

These are just a few of the events starting back up again. I am constantly adding new tags to help you find new things to do in Los Angeles.


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