Malibu is for nature lovers


Pelican & Sea Gulls, Malibu

There was a time when the only thing I knew about Malibu was that was where Barbie had her fabulous dream house and life with Ken. I thought that Malibu, like Beverly Hills, could only be accessible by a certain social and economic status, or at least that is what Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous led me to think. Both Barbie and Robin Leach did a great job at making me believe that the only way I would be welcome in Malibu was to be, for a lack of a better set of words, be rich and/or famous.

The media couldn’t have been more wrong about whether or not I belonged in Malibu. Now that I live in Los Angeles, I find myself exploring the twenty-seven miles of beaches and acres of mountains more than I thought I would. Malibu is where I go tide pooling most, Malibu Lagoon and Bird Sanctuary, Point Dume, Lechuza/Broad Beach.

Don’t come to Los Angeles feeling like Malibu is an unreachable city. Come to Malibu because you want the quiet that beach towns like Santa Monica and Venice don’t provide.


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