Date Night in Los Angeles


A while back I got a request from a reader to help plan a first date. It was really fun thinking back on some of the great dates I have had. Dates that made me feel comfortable, brought out senses of humor and wonder. It also made me think of some really bad dates I have had too.

I always think the best dates are those where you aren’t sitting across from each other interrogating one another over coffee. It kind of feels more like a job interview than a date. As a shy person I prefer dates where you are doing something, taking the edge off, and letting the get to know you part feel a little more natural.

I won’t say what I suggested to this reader, as to not out anyone, but I did want to let you know that this idea made me develop a new Pinterest board called Date Night in Los Angeles¬†Combining blog posts and places or things I haven’t written about yet, I think this board may give you some date ideas for what to do if you are stuck thinking about where to go, see, do. There is some day date ideas mixed in there as well.

I am growing my This Ugly Beautiful Pinterest every week. Stay tuned.

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