Resources for Hiking in Los Angeles


The Grotto, Santa Monica Mountains

will be talking periodically about places to hike in Los Angeles, but for now I need to move on to other parts of the city. If you can’t wait until I dip back into exploring Los Angeles by foot here are some other blogs and websites to get great information on where to hike.

If you follow me via Facebook, where I share more information about Los Angeles outside of this blog, you may have noticed that I mentioned a friend’s blog called Western Wilds. In her  blog she gives great information and descriptions on where to hike and experience nature in Southern California. I have had the pleasure of being her hiking and tide pool buddy for a few of the places she highlights. As part of her blog, she takes the extra step to identify the plants, animals, and insects that she comes across. She has also contributed to the Citizen Science exhibit at the Natural History Museum.

I seriously have blog envy for California Through My Lens. This blog covers all of California and explores every nook and cranny. Small towns, hikes, roadside restaurants, tourist destinations, and everything in between. I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped reading my blog and move on to this one.

Modern Hiker focuses on hiking in Southern California concentrating on the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Lucky for us. You get a great trail by trail breakdown of an area and can quickly find dog friendly hikes.

If you are looking for family friendly hikes, check out Parent Pick.

Also, since I am addicted to Pinterest, I have set up a board on places to hike in the area featuring the blogs I have mentioned.

Happy hiking.

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