Let’s talk about food shall we?


I am not good at food photography Left to Right: Stir fried spicy frog- Happy Tasty, Escolar & Sweet Breads-Scratch Bar & Kitchen, Connecticut Lobster Roll-Cousins Main Lobster, 26 dishes of banchan-GenWa

I am still feeling a bit reluctant to delve into my recommendations for places to eat in Los Angeles. I am reluctant for all of the reasons I talked about in one of the first posts I published on this blog almost two years ago. They haven’t changed. The restaurants I love have closed, stopped being consistent, and I am spending a lot of time playing a game of cherchez le chef.

But sometimes that game of cherchez le chef can be fun and I am getting excited that so many chefs I love are opening new places and I can eat their food again. Besides ignoring food in Los Angeles when you are writing a blog about things to do in Los Angeles is foolish.

What little I have posted about food are places I know aren’t going anywhere. Places that have been there for decades and still offering the same great food or that people love for nostalgic or tourist reasons. Places marked as historic monuments. Posts that will stay.

This is a city that makes you dizzy with all of the possibilities. If you tried to eat in every single restaurant for every meal how long it would take? Every dim sum place, pupuseria, every restaurant in the Grand Central Market, donut shop, noodle joint, every kbbq place, taco truck, high end splurge places and less than $5 places, would it take one lifetime? Two?

My posts will hopefully help you as to where to focus your energies, money, scheduled cheat days, take you out of your comfort zones, where to take family or special someone(s.)

So here is my solution, I will be writing about all of the places I love on my facebook account. Instead of doing a series of blog post-ectomies, marking locations as [closed], deleting content all together and leave non-related content in those posts just hanging there with no context. This platform is easier for me to deal with the temporary nature of restaurants in L.A. I am starting right now. Go there, follow me, let’s open a dialog about food in Los Angeles.


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