So why the long hiatus?


I have to admit that planning a wedding and writing a blog at the same time became practically impossible. I had such great intentions for this year, but my content plan had to be tossed out the window before 2016 even began. This blog spent the entirety of 2016 at the beach. Not a bad way to spend a year, but there is much more to L.A. than sand and surf. I had wanted to talk about museums, urban hikes, and old Hollywood. 

The several months off from writing gave me time to not only marry a truly wonderful person, but to explore Los Angeles with a new perspective. We criss-crossed so much of Los Angeles searching for venues and vendors from the South Bay to deep into the warehouse filled Arts District. To the venues that hide in industrial areas by the beach, venues that used to be libraries, smog check locations, mechanic shops, and restaurants that you can book out for hefty sums. I had no idea that any these places existed until we decided to get married here.

Also new to me were places I thought were closed to people who weren’t in the wedding industry. Like one of my new favorite finds, the Los Angeles Flower Market. You will find the flower market hiding in the nondescript part DTLA adjacent to the fabric district and Santee Alley on Wall Street. This market is in fact open to the public for a very nominal fee.

This is where the florists come to gather up all of the beautiful flowers, thistly things, leaves, ribbons, and vases for wedding arrangements in the wee hours of the morning. The indoor 5 acre space has stalls specializing in all types of flowers and plants to the familiar succulents to protea that look like it jumped off the page of a Dr. Seuss book. It is easy to lose track of time here. This is a perfect place to wander for hours on those rainy days when you are sick of the gray and wind.

Pin Cushion Protea

It is too hard to describe the thousands of types of flowers and plants in the market, so here, peppered into this post are some of the many things you can take home. Remember that cash is preferred.


All of the Orchids

Behind the market is Moskatel’s which is Michael’s Crafts on steroids. (And less expensive)

Website: The Original Flower Market

Cost: $2 entry on weekdays and $1 on Saturdays. Bring cash.

When: Monday through Saturday. The public hours are listed on the website.

Ages: This place would be hard for parents who have children who want to explore things with their hands. 

[Getting there: This area is pretty connected when it comes to public transit, with almost all of the downtown lines stopping within a few blocks.]

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