So, you have some time to kill at LAX

Art inside LAX’s Tom Bradley International terminal

When I first started visiting Los Angeles over 13 years ago, having a delay or time to kill before my plane took off at the Los Angeles International airport was a pretty dismal thought. Wandering around in the blue fluorescent light and wall-to-wall greige, making a choice for lunch between McDonald’s, a sit down restaurant selling $38 fish and chips, or a mystery sandwich in a thin plastic triangle was pretty sad. What is even more sad was that these were the options in terminals with reputable airlines. It wasn’t until 2013 that LAX decided to undertake a huge interior overhaul. Although growing pains are still happening, with major construction four years later, the remodel has really changed the waiting game for the better. I mean, as far as waiting in an airport can be, right?

LAX’s most marked change is the wealth of food options. I really love the idea of bringing Los Angeles inside the airport, especially since some of the travelers may never make it outside. There is now a mini Original Farmer’s Market in terminal 5 which gives you an opportunity to grab something healthy on the go. Local chains like La Brea Bakery, 800 degrees, and Lemonade plus a few local sit-downs like Ford’s Filling Station, are now mainstays. Eating at LAX is no longer egg salad sandwhiches and sadness.

Although not to the extent of some airports (MSP & DEN I am thinking about you) there are some shops to keep you busy as well, like the outpost of the local West Hollywood bookstore Book Soup.

What if you have more time at LAX like a delay or a long lay-over? What if you don’t want to sit for all those hours, listening to announcements that compete over each other about gate changes, upgrades that aren’t for you, or people who need to hurry it up or they will miss their plane? A family friend recently had an 8 hour layover in LAX and that got me thinking, if you don’t want to spend all of your time at LAX, what are some options?

Luckily for you, I have thought about this at length. This next series will talk about some new possibilities and revisit some old places I have talked about in previous posts. Just remember with all of these fieldtrips from LAX, give yourself plenty of time to get back, through security, and for gosh sake take your laptop out and put it in a different bin, it has been a decade!

NEXT UP…A Little earworm for your enjoyment.

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