About me

Selfie in the tide pools of Point Dume

Selfie in the tide pools of Point Dume

This blog is my love letter to Los Angeles.

If I were more entrepreneurial, I would figure out how to share my love for this city for a living. I would be a tour guide or try to get hired as a concierge at a hotel. Sadly, I am just a shy person with a lot of knowledge. Lucky for you all of this fabulous information is free!

Everything I have written thus far about Los Angeles, was as an outsider – as someone who was navigating through the weirdness of this city and the culture shock I felt when I first got here from Minneapolis almost nine years ago. That blog was called Kitty Cattaraugus and although there might be some recycling from that blog, I found that I am no longer adjusting. I am now for better or worse an Angeleno.

I think the best way to tell you about me, is by answering the questions I am going to pose to the “natives” in the Talking to the Natives sections. This blog also has another life on instagram @thisuglybeautifulcity where I show photos of places and things I don’t have the space to talk about at length on the blog and other things that fit an instagram format better.

Questions from talking to the natives:

Where are you from?

I am from the general Mid-West, but spent a good portion of my life in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

How long have I been here and why did you come?

I moved here nine years ago. I packed up as much as much as me and a boyfriend at the time could carry and boarded a plane. It was so cold that January day that they had to defrost the wings so we could depart.

The reason I came here was risk. I had lived a life of little risk before coming here. I was too comfortable, on an endless loop of sameness. When the non-profit I worked for cut my hours and I rekindled relationship with someone living in Los Angeles, I decided to move here and never wonder what if.

What was one things that surprised you?

That for a state that is notoriously known for being environmental and granola, there aren’t  recycling bins out in the open/public for people to put their recycling. When I first moved here I used carry all of my cans, water bottles and straws home in my purse to recycle.

Craziness knows no time or space, I feel just as safe or unsafe anywhere in this city.

What neighborhoods have you lived in?

This is the first time I have lived on the Westside (A psychic once told me I would move closer to the ocean. This could be a subject for another post later on). During my nine years here I have lived in many neighborhoods, moving as many times as my years here. Larchmont, The Grove area twice, Beverly Hills adjacent, and Koreatown. All neighborhoods have their plusses and minuses. I wish though that I still lived close enough to walk to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the cinespia movie screenings and annual Dia de Los Muertos event. But do not miss the endless sound of helicopters that plagued the neighborhood at all hours of the day.

Is there a place that reminds you of Minneapolis?

No, but I’d like to find that place.

Some consider L.A. a burger and donut town, even though it would like to make you believe other things. Everyone has an opinion about one of these two items. Where do you go to get your fixes?

I see movies at the Landmark Theater in West L.A. just so I can have the burger at Westside Tavern beforehand. I think everything about that burger is perfect. I also love the burger at the once a year charity burger event at Bucato, a much loved menu item from a previous restaurant. (I love Bucato in general, but with the no cell phone policy, you will never see a picture of it on here)

Primo donut is a really fantastic mom and pop place on Sawtelle, also in West Los Angeles. If I could double fist a just-out-of-the-oven buttermilk bar and a raspberry jelly donut right now I would be the happiest person on earth.

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